(Still) Wrapping up 2011: Stats and Challenges

You know, if I were more on top of things, I'd have done all this stuff before today.  Alas, I'm not. 

I really love to analyze the stats from my reading during the year, so here are a bunch of numbers (and a few more graphs) that show a bit more about what I read.

Total number of books read: 150 

(my favorites of the year are listed here)

Fiction: 142, 95%
Non-fiction: 8, 5% (ouch, I really need to up this number)

Age Range:
Middle Grade (or younger): 56
Young Adult: 78
Adult: 16

Sorta Genres:
Historical Fiction (ish): 19
Mystery (vague, I know): 2
Realistic Fiction: 20
Sci-Fi (ish): 2
Paranormal: 22
Horror (ish): 1
Magical Realism (in my opinion): 5
Fairy Tale Retelling (straight up, anyway): 3
Steampunk: 1
Fantasy (ish): 44
Dystopian: 20
Graphic Novels or Illustrated: 11
(Of course these "genres" won't add up to 150, since some cross over and some don't fit and so on.)

Male: 38
Female: 114 
(Also not adding up because there are one book with a male and female author, three books with two female authors, one book with two male authors, and one book with three male authors.) 

Most Read: Catherine Fisher (4 books, the Relic Master series)

Most Read Runners-Up in a ten-way tie with 2 books each:
Richard Peck, Christopher Paolini, Lois Lowry, Kieran Scott, Jonathan Maberry, Cinda Williams Chima, Mary Pearson, Stephanie Perkins, Sophie Jordan, and Ursula Vernon

Books read for review: 69, 46%
Books from the library: 73, 49%
Books from my collection not for review: 7, 5%
Books borrowed: 1, <1%

Audiobooks: 14 
E-Books: 18
Print: 118

Published in 2011 (US): 72, 48%
Debut Authors in 2011: 23, 15%
Debut Authors in 2012: 1, <1%
Rereads: 10, 7%
Did Not Finish: 6, 4% (out of 156)
Books part of a series: 80, 53%

And while I'm wrapping up, here are the challenges I signed up for in 2011.  I just wanted to say: I finished them all!  The only one I nearly didn't was the historical fiction challenge, which definitely challenged me to pick more HF books.
Debut Author Challenge, hosted by Kristi of The Story Siren:
completed with 22 debuts (see the list here).
Middle Grade Book Challenge hosted by Cindy's Love of Books:
completed with 45 books (see the list here).
YA Historical Fiction Challenge hosted by YA Bliss:
completed with 11 books (see the list here).
2011 E-Book Challenge hosted by The Ladybug Reads:
completed with 18 books (see the list here).
100+ Reading Challenge, hosted by Home Girl's Book Blog:
completed with 150 books (see the list here).
I was also "participating" in two perpetual challenges, which I didn't do so well with.  The Local Author Challenge, hosted by Suey at It's All About Books, I read at least 2 by authors from my new locale, Arizona:
The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann and Slayers by C.J. Hill
And I think I got about 5 or 6 Utah authors too! (Ok, this year it will only be Arizona authors that count.)
For the Printz Project, I only managed to read one Printz book, the winner for the year, Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi.  I've gotta work on that a little better this year!

Whew!  Now maybe I can get some reviews posted.  Congrats if you made it this far!  What stats do you love to keep? 
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