Bring on the Random: Five Ways House Hunting is Like Dating

Thought I'd sneak in a little random post about my life.  Feel free to skip over it, if you are here only for the bookish stuff.  So, we've been trying to buy our first house.  It is actually really scary.  And then I realized why I thought it was so horrifying - it reminded me of dating.  So, here are five ways buying a house is rather like finding a spouse:

5- Sometimes it feels like a game and you don't know all the rules.You know how dating feels like this stupid game with changeable rules and no clear winner?  That's kind of how I feel.  "They" play the music, you do the dance.  I have no idea what to expect next.  Terrifying.

4 - Appearances can be deceiving.Just like that really cute guy who acts like a total moron, houses might look really nice on the outside (or in the pictures) but when you get up close and personal, you can see every flaw.

3 - There's no such thing as the perfect one.If you are trying to find the perfect spouse, good luck with that.  Just as there's no perfect match for you, there's no perfect house.  If you look hard enough, something nasty or annoying or just plain ugly will show up.  You gotta decide what you can live with.

2 - It seems the odds are never in your favor.It always felt like no matter where I lived, there were two or three girls for every guy.  In just such a way, there are always two or three (or four or five) bidders and investors (don't get me started on them) for every house.

1 - The good ones get snatched up right away.Unfortunately, it's also true when looking for a house.  The good-looking nice ones are always the first to go, so you gotta be on the prowl :)

Just reminds me to be happy I am not also playing the dating game.  Trying to buy a house is enough work!

Any sage wisdom from you house-owners?

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