Phoenix Public Library: Burton Barr Central Library

Since my last two libraries around the world posts were about my former local libraries, I figured it was about time to showcase a library closer to my new home! I got to visit the Burton Barr Central Library, which is the main library of the Phoenix Public Library system.  I went there to get my Inheritance Cycle books signed by Christopher Paolini, but the building itself is such a beautiful one that I had to show you all. 

Here's a view from the inside looking out through the huge windows:

And a view of the crowd gathered for the signing - taken from the great glass elevator (it had to be said).

I loved this display of some art from Eric Carle, even though the lighting made it impossible to get a good photo (not to mention, I was taking photos on my phone).

I've noticed that glass elevators tend to be very popular in libraries.  It makes for an interesting view on the way up and down.  (There is also a pool at the base of the elevators, but my photo of it was really bad.  Just know, it was cool.)

The interesting shade sails on the outside - they certainly make for some great photos, inside and out.

I love libraries anyway, but housing all that book-ish goodness inside a soaring gorgeous structure just makes it more enjoyable.

Want to brag on your own local libraries?

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