The Seven Deadly (Book Blogger) Sins

For the good of all book bloggers everywhere, I've compiled this list of the seven deadliest sins we tend to commit.  I hope you can mend your ways if you happen to find yourself falling into one of these vices.

The Seven Deadly (Book Blogger) Sins*

  • When you may misinterpret another's comment/tweet/post as an insult to you, your ancestors, and several generations of your descendants. (Or maybe it wasn't misinterpreted and it actually was an insult intended for you, your ancestors, and several generations of your descendants.)
  • When you learn ARCs are being sold for profit (pretty justified I think)
  • When you say that you really must have more books.  (Let's be honest, there is always going to be one more book you NEED.  I know all about NEEDing books.)
  • When you realize that ARC you received has been sitting on your shelf for two months now and you really need to get it read, right after you finish this other book from the library that is due back tomorrow.  
  • When you are always posting about the next great book that arrived in the mail, just to say "ha, ha - I got one." (You know, kind of like this and this.)
  • When you read one of those posts about the next great book that arrived in someone else's mailbox and not yours. 
  • When you read everyone's BEA and BBC posts. Or read about someone's awesome connections with authors, publishers, and other bloggers you really wish you knew. (I've talked at length about this before.)
  • When you go to the library (or the book store) and come home with a towering stack of books so enormous that you can't possibly finish them in your lifetime (or before they are due anyway).
Watch out for these deadly sins - they might drag you down to the pit of endless burning books.  And we definitely don't like burning books.
*[note: please read these not as an insult to your honor, but mostly as a good laugh at myself and our sometimes quirky book blogging culture]

What's your deadly bookish sin?    

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