Bloggiesta, Take 3

And on to day 3.  Wherein I will try to squeeze a bit of time in here and there.  We'll see.  I've gotten about 1 hr 30 min this morning.  I probably won't get back to computer stuff until this evening, since I've got things to do during the day.  I've been working on some Listless Monday posts.  I also realized I'm going to have to go check on some of my old links from tags - but that might have to wait for another day!  

Total time: 15 hrs 30 min

Update 1:  Yeah, I've only had about an hour since I last posted.  Not the most amazing weekend dedicated to the blog.  I may have a bit more time tonight, but I doubt it.  I've done a few final things on my list noted below.  But, for now, I'm posting my final time as: 
Total time: 16 hrs 30 min

It's been a blast when I had the time and thanks for all your kind comments about my progress!  Hopefully I won't put off all the housekeeping until the next Bloggiesta!  Thanks Natasha for being such a fabulous host!

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