My Mad (Lack of) Skills

 A Bit of Me(Me) is hosted by Danielle of There's a Book.

This week's question asks what is something you are not good at?  When I was trying to think of something, I came up with several ideas.  First, I'm definitely not good at cooking.  I managed to cause a huge fiasco involving a visit from the fire department and sulfuric acid in the kitchen drain with a simple pot of spaghetti.  I've also totally destroyed cake from a mix:

But, I realized that I generally don't have disasters every time I cook, so that doesn't really qualify.

Next, I thought perhaps I could mention my wretched piano-playing skills.  Despite having spent at least seven years taking lessons, I still can't bang out much on the piano that is recognizable.  (Mind you, not having practiced regularly for at least ten years might have contributed to that.)  But, considering I can read music and play very slowly, I figured that wouldn't really count either.

And that's when it hit me.  Something much less tangible, but oh so obvious.  I am simply not good at talking to strangers.  

Perhaps it's a remnant of having been told as a child never to talk to strangers, but I really have a hard time striking up conversations with people I don't know.  I am a terribly shy person, so talking to people that I know, but not very well, is also a real struggle.  I always manage to feel awkward, like I can't string two words together, let alone a sentence.  Those of you who I've met in real life, at Utah Blogger Parties, can attest to this.  It's definitely one of my biggest weaknesses.  

But, recognizing that is the first step, right?

What's one thing you're not very good at?

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