Got Fear?

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This week's topic is about our greatest fears.  I'm not entirely sure what is my greatest fear.  I admit I have a fear of being attacked (really, who doesn't), but I don't often think about that, unless I'm walking home alone in the dark.  I've also got a rather healthy fear of spiders.  So much so that I couldn't bring myself to post a photo of one to illustrate.  But, I decided to focus on one that I've been dealing with particularly these last few months.

The fear is public speaking. At the thought of getting up in front of people, I get chills and my hands start shaking.  My mouth will usually go quite dry as well.  The irony of this, I think, is that I've spoken before audiences quite a few times.  At my high school graduation, I spoke.  In my church, I've given a number of talks.  And most of all, I've been teaching this summer.  Every Monday and Wednesday, I get up in front of about sixty students and lecture for an hour and a half.  And every single time I get the shakes and my brain seems to forget a third of its vocabulary.  It is definitely different than giving a speech or a talk, since you can't really read from a script.  It's rather humorous, I think, that despite having taught this class last summer and almost eight weeks this semester already, that I still manage to get nervous every single time.  Isn't facing your fear supposed to be a good way to overcome it?  

What's one of your fears?

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