What Comes in Threes?

A Bit of Me(Me) is hosted by Danielle of There's a Book.

Lots of things come in threes - I've heard it said of both good and bad.  But, this time, you get information about me in threes.  Today's A Bit of Me(Me) topic is to list three adjectives that describe me.  I was trying to be optimistic, but I kind of went for more honest. I am:

This one is obvious to many who have met me.  I was going to say shy, but I think in general, I am also a quiet person, even around those I know.  I don't like to speak up unless asked and I find that keeping my opinion to myself sometimes saves me a lot of grief later.  It also means I don't usually say too much about myself that can be embarrassing or spill others' secrets.

A trait I definitely inherited from my parents.  Both are dedicated to working hard and accomplishing all that needs to be done.  I tend to want to get things that are necessary done first and completely before moving to something fun or relaxing.  Work, for me, is not always drudgery, but brings satisfaction and peace of mind.  I'm really hoping I can pass this one along to my kids.

This has served me in both good and bad ways.  I definitely like to avoid arguments and fights with other people (though, perhaps my husband might say otherwise :).  Tension and anger always make me uncomfortable (at least when they come from other people) and I like to defuse situations as best I can.  But, this also means that I get walked all over.  I've been too embarrassed or afraid to speak up, particularly with overbearing friends or employers before.  Definitely, a two-edged sword.
What are your three?

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