Slumping NOT Over

It's official.  I'm in a rut.  I've been trying to plow through lots of books recently, both library and review copies and I'm just plain tired.  I'm feeling sad that I feel like I have to "plow" through books at all.  I need some kind of literary pick-me-up.  Something that reminds me of just how much I love reading.  I'm open to your suggestions, cause I've got nothing.

Not only is it a reading slump, I'm feeling very unmotivated to blog as well.  You may have noticed a proliferation of book reviews and not a lot of anything else.*  That is a symptom of my slumpage.  I've just been taking my huge back log of reviews (from July - yes, I'm almost four months behind on my reviews) and posting them once a day.  It's almost as tiresome for me as it is for you.

What I'm really hoping will pull me out of both slumps is a chance to mingle with some awesome local and one awesome non-local YA authors this Saturday.  My library is having a teen book festival of sorts, and I'm hoping I'll at least get some food for thought if not my excitement for reading back.  I've got an author-love post brewing on my back burner and this event might just move it out of the dark recesses of my mind and into the public view.  

But, until then, I've only got more reviews from way back when (and a few from not-so-way-back-when) to post.  Thanks for sticking with me, everyone!

*I'm even so slumpy right now that I can't even think of a nice picture to include to break up the dull text of this post. 

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