Some Local Library Love: Orem Public Library

Well, as some of you may know (I haven't mentioned it in, like two days) I moved recently.  I grew up in Utah and I couldn't leave my home town without giving a shout out, with my Libraries Around the World feature, to my childhood library.  This is the place where I grew up on words.  These are the stacks where I checked out every Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley Twins, Boxcar Children, and Babysitters Club book religiously.  My love for libraries was born and raised in the walls of this place.  It fed the fires of my book-lust and also, in later years, the fires in my pockets when I got a job there as a page.  But enough of the ridiculously overblown praise.  I took a few photos of this nostalgic building before we left.  It didn't always look like this, having received a few make-overs in the years since I caressed Nancy's yellow bindings (well, sometimes they were more of a grayish brown...).  But it will always hold a special place in my heart.  Or something like that (oh the cheese in this post is simply delicious).  I introduce you to the unimposing, but well-beloved Orem Public Library.

Many a time I remember running up those spiral stairs. It was like being in a book. A book with a castle and a fabulous collection of kids reading material.

Speaking of straight from a book, these windows are one of my favorite things. Done by a local artist, they span one entire wall near the collection of fairy tales (which, by the way, is quite extensive). They were not there for my early years, but I remember when they were put in. At least, I remember being completely jealous that one of my friends was a model for one of the characters in the window. Details, details.

And here's a close-up of one part. Not a very interesting part, but my hubby took the photo, so blame him. It's not even the part that my friend modeled for. Still, love these windows. And love this library.

What memories do you have of your "first" library?

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