Food, Glorious Food!

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This week's question is about our favorite food or restaurant.  Since we are not much of an eating-out kind of family (based on the income we have right now), I figured I'd be safer talking about my favorite kinds of food.  Then I also realized I had a corresponding restaurant for each type of food, so you get that info too!  Of course, I really couldn't decide on just one type of food that I like, so you get all three.

1. American: and by this I mean a big, fat, juicy steak.  I'm actually not that fond of hamburgers, but give me a steak and I'm a happy girl (I guess this is where everyone figures out I'm not a vegetarian :)  I especially love to have barbecues and cook steaks, since it always seems to taste better that way than when I order them in a restaurant.  I do, however, admit I like Outback Steakhouse.  Obviously I haven't been often, but when I have, it was excellent!

2. Mexican: with certain exceptions.  I'm beginning to realize how picky I am about food!  I really only like certain kinds of Mexican food, while others tend to make me ill just looking at them.  I used to adore our local restaurant Los Hermanos, but I don't love it nearly as much anymore.  Either my tastes have changed or their food has changed. :)

3. Italian: again with certain restrictions.  I have a particular fondness for a good fettuccine alfredo (it's a miracle I haven't clogged my arteries with all the fat from them).  But pasta and pizza in general are absolute favorites of mine.  For many years I noted lasagna as my favorite food, though it has to be the kind my mother makes, since I've never ordered it at a restaurant. My current favorite Italian restaurant is Macaroni Grill.

My attempts to make a pasta dish like unto Macaroni Grill's
And there you have it, more information than you ever wanted to know about my food preferences!

What's your favorite food or restaurant (or both)? 

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