Armchair BEA: Welcome and Hello!

Hello all and welcome to another year of Armchair BEA.  The prompt from the organizers is to introduce myself.  I'm not great at intros, I'll be honest.  I'm uber shy in real life.  And a little in virtual life.  But here goes:

-A librarian in search of a job: just left my academic library job in Utah to move to Arizona so my hubby could get more schoolin'.  I'd really like to end up working with young people, recommending the books I love most to them.  

-A kid-at-heart: something always draws me to read the MG and YA stuff.  I used to be an adult-classics-only reader, but once I found discovered that younger stuff (again) I haven't been able to feed the addiction enough.  Though I do try once in a while to broaden my horizons and pick me up an adult book.  I'm sure it's good for me.

-A board game player extraordinaire: ok, maybe a slight exaggeration, but I have addictions to playing board games.  My current favorites are Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan.  Now I just have to find some local buddies to have game night with.

-A camper/hiker/backpacker: Right about this time of year (and, you know, four months ago) I get a real hankerin' for some camping.  I used to live for our family camp outs, driving two hours and hiking twice as long, to escape from civilization (and trust me, we didn't bring it with us).  I don't get to go for nearly as long or a far as I used to, but that desire to escape hasn't disappeared.  I'm thrilled to have a whole new state to explore the outdoors.

Ok, I think I've bored you enough with all those random details.  I Armchair BEA because my husband's in school and I currently don't have a job and pretty much, the money says no.  But, I'm ok with it for now (though don't ask me after I read all the BEA posts, I'm sure the green-eyed monster will strike).

Welcome to my blog and I hope to meet many new bloggers this week!

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